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Social Skills and Parent Coaching Groups


A group experience will teach children to get along better with their peers and more effectively communicate with parents, teachers and others.  They learn to understand all forms of communication such as gestures, body language, voice inflections and figures of speech.  These groups are for children with social learning disabilities, non-verbal learning disorders, PDD, Asperger’s Disorder, ADD or other learning disabilities.  Group participants must be able to communicate, transition from the waiting room to the group room with no problem, abstain from any aggressive behavior and be interested in socializing with their peers.  We also provide valuable feedback and parenting education as part of this program to enable the lessons learned in the group setting to be enhanced at home.  There are separate Teen groups that deal with issues faced by this age group specifically.

                         GROUPS ARE LIMITED

                       (508) 867-4451  Extension 1

Social Skills Groups are a unique opportunity to practice social skills without the pressure of academic demands.

It is an opportunity to meet kids from other towns and in a way, "start over" in a fresh, safe environment.

Our Groups give kids a purposeful, organized way to learn and practice appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication skills in a group setting.

During Group, a behavior chart is used to track progress using tally marks which add up to an "End of Group" prize.  This is motivating to the kids and creates some "positive competition." The tally marks are paired with a verbal recognition and socially natural reinforcement such as a smile, thumbs up, or an appropriate comment.

Each week we focus on a targeted social skill through activities and discussion. We feel strongly that the kids will "lead us" in the direction they need the most help with.  Our agenda gives us an outline for things to focus on, but we will encourage them to bring up things they are concerned about or continue in areas that seem to need more work.

Parent Coaching

How Does the Parent Coach Help Kids?

Parenting asks us to fill many roles in our children's lives. Provider, nurturer, advisor, friend, observer, authority figure, confidante, tutor, the list goes on and on. Often times these roles conflict with one another. No doubt every parent has experienced the sense of being pulled in opposite directions, unsure of which role to step into at any given moment. 

The struggle over which parenting role to fill is complicated further by the fast-paced, permissive world our children confront every day. A daily barrage of social and emotional forces await kids at school, among friends and peers, on the sports field, and without exception, at home as well. Disappointments, competition, provocations, inequities, temptations, distractions, and many other pressures, can easily jeopardize a school aged child's efforts to keep their lives in balance.

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